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ICQ Toolbar offers you the best of the web in one click
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ICQ Toolbar is a set of add-ons for Microsoft Internet Explorer. ICQ Toolbar offers extra search options, pop-up blocker, ICQ mail notifier, RSS (Rich Site Summary) feeds and other shortcuts.
ICQ Toolbar Version 3.0 comes in English, German, Hebrew, Russian, Czech, Bulgarian, Slovak, Turkish, Spanish and French. Requirements: Windows XP/2000 Pro/Vista.

The options are described below:

1. ICQ Menu. Here you can access to ICQ Homepage , More from ICQ (Chat Rooms, Groups, Forums, Game Center, Greetin Cards and Download ICQ)toolbar options and ICQ help center (here you can unisntall the ICQ toolbar).
2.- ICQ Search Box. Here you can enter any words you would like to search on the web. The most recently searched words will appear in the drop down menu.
3. - ICQ Search Page. If you click here you will be redirected to ICQ Search page. With the Search Menu you can redefine the options to search the web, images, videos, peopleo, presentations, documents, ICQ site, RSS, my favorites or clear your search history.
4.- Maps Search. Here you can search for locations all over the world and view them on the map.
5.- Find People. Here you can search for people or find a date using the ICQ People Search.
6.- ICQ Chat Rooms. Click the chat buttons to join any of the chat rooms currently active.
7.- ICQ Groups. Here you can post your note on any topic.
8.- ICQ Greetings. Here you can send a greeting card.
9.- ICQ Games. It has quick access to the ICQ games.
10.- Zoom In. This option magnifies the page you are currently viewing.
11.- Default Zoom. here you can view the page in its default zoom size.
12.- Zoom Out. This option reduces the size of the page you are currently viewing.
13.- Send Page. This option will apear only if ICQ instant messenger is intalled. Here you can send the web page address you are currently viewing to someone on your ICQ Contact List.
14.- Allow / Block Popups. With this option you can allow or block popup windows from appearing on the site you are currently viewing. You can edit your lists selecting the Popup Manager option.
15.- Highlight. Here you can highlight the words you searched for, when viewing the search results page.
16. Searched Words. This button will appear only after you enter a search term. This option displays the searched words; each time you click it, you will find the word's next occurrence on the results page.

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  • You can easily uninstall ICQ Toolbar if you wish no longer to have it from the ICQ Menu - ICQ help center option


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